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Racy-Fast LTE at Home

Racy-Fast, no strings attached internet pleasure.

From R299/month View Packages

FasterFast Fibre Internet

Faster than a speed skater being chased by a polar bear on thin ice.

From R424/month View Packages

Webafrica Voice

Say goodbye to your old outdated Telkom Voice Line and hello to Webafrica Voice.

From R99/month View Packages

Why Choose Webafrica?


We've Got it All

When it comes to getting you connected online, Webafrica has got you covered. From Racy-Fast LTE wireless internet, to Fasterfast Fibre and good old ADSL, we will get you online.

We're Big on Easy

Online should be easy: that's why we keep things simple with contract-free connections, excellent support and user-friendly tools all the way.

We Deliver

We're pretty laid-back and cool but we take our customer relationships super-seriously, aiming for 99% uptime and offering year-round professional support.

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Sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry. One of our sales experts will give you a call.

Prefer to talk to someone? Give our expert sales team a call and they will be happy to answer any and all of your internet related questions.

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