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So, you can’t get Fibre yet? Fixed LTE reception is still a bit wonky in your hood? That’s unfortunate, but don’t move houses just yet. Old School ADSL can still be cool with the all new and improved Naked ADSL. Naked ADSL bares it all and loses the unnecessary frills and tassels of that older than time ADSL you’re used to - it’s fully Uncapped, FUP-free and best of all: no landline needed! Our Naked ADSL is all that and a bag of chips.

We do suggest that if you can get Fibre, get it! It’s FasterFast, super reliable and way more value for your hard-earned cash. Downloading and uploading is a breeze with Fibre where ADSL might still be a little laggy and glitchy. Fibre runs through the latest in internet infrastructure technology with Fibre optic cables providing lightning speeds, whereas ADSL still uses old 19-voetsek copper cables which frequently break or get stolen.

Add your address to the coverage map to see if FasterFast Fibre is available in your area.


All our packages are Uncapped, Unshaped, Unthrottled. Once you take out that old landline cost (minimum of R200) and sign up for our unbeatable prices (with NO long term contracts), you will no doubt be saving more!

Disclaimer: Openserve determines the maximum line speed attainable in your area, therefore we cannot guarantee line speeds. For example, if you order a 5 Mbps/512 Kbps package, the maximum speed you could potentially get is up to 5 Mpbs/512 Kbps. For more information, scroll down to our FAQ section. To see which speeds are available in your area, please add your address to our coverage map.


5 Mbps: A good option for two to three simultaneous users for standard internet usage, including streaming, gaming, social media and online calls as well as quick downloads. No wonder it’s our most popular speed!

10 Mbps: You’ll enjoy a speedy internet experience for two to three avid users, for media-rich data, viewing online videos in HD and decent download speeds. Ideal for a family who is very active online.

20 Mbps: The second fastest ADSL internet connection available in South Africa, at full speed 20 Mbps can download a 1 GB file in just 8 minutes.

40 Mbps: The fastest ADSL internet connection available in South Africa. For those who need effing fast internet, but can’t get Fibre, 40 Mbps is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

ADSL as we used to know it, is an internet service using both a Telkom landline and an ADSL line to work. It is entirely run over copper cables - yes those telephone lines we still see hanging around in Karoo dorpies. You usually have to pay an additional R200 odd for the landline connection on top of the internet connection fee. Naked ADSL is pretty much… naked. No more telephone lines, no more cap. It’s completely uncapped, unthrottled and unshaped. You don’t have to have a telephone connection at all anymore! Goodbye Telkom, welcome back R200!

As mentioned before, Naked ADSL still works with copper wiring. These wires are super old and unreliable. It breaks frequently or gets stolen, leaving you with more chance of internet outages. The future of ADSL is also looking grim as Openserve is starting to discontinue lines in areas where Fibre is available. Fibre is fast, reliable and totally cool! The connection is very stable and uses state of the art Fibre optic cabling which ensures that you get to surf for longer, at lightning fast speeds! Fibre is rolling out more and more throughout the country so keep checking our coverage map (by searching your address) to see when you are able to get it. If it’s in your area already, get it!

Not yet. Openserve (the underlying infrastructure provider) is phasing out ADSL in some areas. They are, however, realising that some areas are still relying heavily on ADSL and therefore copper wires will still be used there until further notice. We do suggest you move to LTE or Fibre when it becomes available in your area to ensure you have a more stable and reliable line as the future of ADSL is very uncertain at the moment.

No, you will have a totally uncapped, unthrottled, unshaped internet line, so you can surf to your heart's content on unlimited internet! *FUP = Fair Usage Policy

It will take an approximate 14 business days for Openserve to complete installation and activation (even if you already have ADSL installed at your premise).

Yes. You will need an ADSL enabled router.

You sure can! Simply jump into your Customer Zone, find your service and click the upgrade button. Your upgrade will take only up to two business days. Easy-peasy!

The maximum speed of your connection is determined by the Openserve infrastructure available in your area. Your local exchange (the blue and green Telkom box you’ll see around the neighbourhood) might be able to push out a certain speed, but your physical line running from the exchange to your home, might not be capable of attaining that speed.

This can be caused by things like cable length from the exchange to your home. The longer your internet signal has to travel through a cable, the more resistance it will encounter.

This is known as “Attenuation” and is one of the reasons why we cannot guarantee your internet speeds.

For example, if you order a 5 Mbps/512 Kbps package, the maximum speed you could potentially get is up to 5 Mpbs/512 Kbps.

Please note that the reselling of our services and products are not allowed. We do not take any responsibility for support from any unsolicited resellers and urge customers to only order directly from us, either on our website or through one of our friendly Webafrica sales agents.