On Friday, 6 June 2014, we announced  that we are giving all our existing capped ADSL customers an extra 50 Gigs per month for FREE, for June and July. This giveaway is also offered to anyone who signs up for one of our capped ADSL packages.

Here are four ways to take advantage of these free 100 Gigs.

1. Stream the Soccer World Cup (and other sports)

Sadly “legal” options to view sport in South Africa are rather limited but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Stream it on SuperSport:

You can stream the Soccer World Cup games via the SuperSport website. All you need is a DSTV account to register.  If you don’t have a DSTV account, I suggest you beg your mates or family member who do and asked them for their log in details.

Other Live Sport streaming options:

Trying to find a live sport streaming service (especially a free reliable one) is near to impossible. Options like are out there but often you have to go through a few ad popups, download this or that media player, and eventually you get a poor quality video (not to mention a crappy new media player that you will never use again!).

Update – 12:06:2014: UnoTelly are offering soccer fans from all over the world all of the FIFA Wolrd Cup games live for FREE.  Sign up here. If you do not have a UnoTelly account then it will cost you $4.95/month for the premium plan or $47.95/month for the Gold Plan.

Another option is to use a proxy server to spoof your location and access streams outside of South Africa. For example both the BBC and ITV will be showing all the games online but they can only be viewed by those inside the UK. Plus on top of that you will probably need to pay a subscription but again ask a mate or family member in the UK to give you their details.

2. Netflix

With winter in full swing there has never been a better time to set up Netflix for those cold weekends when going outside is not an option. Check out our awesome blog, How to watch Netflix in South Africa, to get yourself setup as soon as possible.

3. Online gaming

Use your data to improve your Tetris, Super Mario skills or, if you think those games are so last decade, then take on your buddies in Angry Birds,  DOTA 2 or one of the other latest online multi-player/single-payer games.

4. Download the web

Ok so 100 Gigs of data will not allow you to download the whole internet but you could try! I won’t talk about the legalities of downloading series and movies using torrents, we all know them (kind of!).

For those who want to go the “legal” route, visit the iTunes Store – where you can download music, movies and books – at a price of course. For example, downloading Django Unchained will cost you R89.95 (paid to Apple iTunes) and 5.54 Gigs of data, leaving you enough data for 17 more movies that size.

You can use a torrent service to download. The cost is less than R89.95 and hope that your neighbour doesn’t call the police to arrest you for illegal downloading.

These are just some of the ideas to take advantage of these free gigs. Do you have any suggestions on streaming sport or how to “blow” FREE data? Please suggest them below for others who, like me, are not 100% sure of what else is out there.