With the growing demands for internet – ADSL services still hold a solid part of our client base – and we would like to take some time to focus on all things DSL.

How to have your ADSL line migrated to Webafrica:

What do I need to have an ADSL service?

  • An active, ADSL enabled Telkom line installed to the property.

Once the above has been established – we are now ready for the line migration process.

Step 1: Call 10210 Telkom to discuss having the line released into the holding pool

  • On the line: Instruct Telkom to release the line into the holding pool (This means Telkom must release the ADSL component of the line to allow us, your ISP to take the line from the holding pool).

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation SMS from Telkom

  • This SMS will confirm that the ADSL part of the line has been released into the holding pool and will be ready for the ISP of your choice to take from
  • You will have 5 days from the time that you receive this SMS to let us know that the line is in the holding pool waiting for us. It is super important to tell us this because Telkom won’t.

Step 3: Webafrica migration will then happen

  • Once the line is in the holding pool, and you have done your bit to ensure we are updated, we will process a “Line Migration”.
  • The Migration of a line has a standardized time frame of 24-72 working hours from the time that we process the instruction on the portal.

Step 4: The ADSL part of the line is now with Webafrica

  • At this point, we suggest calling Telkom – one last time. This is to confirm that you have authorized and completed a ADSL line migration to WebAfric.

Step 5: Telkom bill going forward

  • Yes! It’s all done, Webafrica now manages the ADSL component of your line
  • Remember! You will still have a voice line rental charge from Telkom
  • Webafrica will now be responsible specifically for the DSL performance on the line and bill only for the line speed and DSL management of that line.

There you have it FAM, from us to you 😉   A simple guide to deal with line migrations because … #WeabfricaCares – ALWAYS!




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