Increase your Wi-Fi range

Wi-Fi is one of the most important parts of using the internet. You are probably reading this blog using Wi-Fi.

Your internet experience of loading websites, watching YouTube videos, going through Facebook photo’s or trying to even connect to the internet is great when it’s fast and smooth, but it can be daunting task trying to find the Wi-Fi zone around the house between all dead zones just to be able to connect.

If you are like many of us who’s Wi-Fi doesn’t extend throughout your house, here’s 5 basic tips to increase its range.

  1. Location,  location, location

Your router’s location plays an impeccable part of the Wi-Fi range. Although it might not match your décor, hiding it on the floor, behind your TV and 3 walls won’t help. The less walls and obstacles it needs to travel through the better.

  • Elevate your router

The higher it is placed, the fewer obstacles it needs to travel around i.e. walls, T.V’s, dishwashers, computers, desks etc. Waves travel down and laterally.

  •  The centre of your house provides the best range

It won’t help if your router is in the corner of the room at the end of your passage. Place your router as central as possible.

  • Minimize mirrors

All metallic surfaces reflect Wi-Fi signals, including the thin metal layer in most mirrors.

  • Place it away from other electronic appliances

Place your router away from power cords, computer wires, microwaves, TV’s, baby monitors etc. as these wires and waves can interfere with radio reception.

  • Minimize travelling through walls

Problems can be caused if the signal has to bounce around too many corners and walls  to reach your wireless devices. Old houses have this problem more than modern, open plan ones.

  1. Find the right router channel

Your neighbors routers can interfere with yours and cause your signal to be interrupted. You can also stack up wireless channels from devices you used to use but not anymore. Similar to choosing a path to hike, if everyone chooses the same path it will become congested and slow. Wireless routers operate on different channels and it’s best to ensure your router is on a channel with as little interference as possible. You can view your channel in your Control Panel to see just how busy your wireless network is and remove the Wi-Fi names that you don’t use. ( to clean it up.)

  1. Wi-Fi access protection

Protect your Wi-Fi range by ensuring your Wi-Fi has a password that only the members in your house know. It is very easy for your neighbours to use your Wi-Fi if it isn’t secured with a password.

  1. Your router is too old

Technology changes every day. The newest Wi-Fi routers are probably 3 times stronger than an old one you could be using. You can purchase a new router from Web Africa here. You can also call into ADSL support to find out if your router is too old.

  1. Purchase a wireless range extender

These nifty devices must be placed in an area with solid connection. It then grabs an existing wireless signal and boosts it to areas in your home with bad reception.

Although Web Africa doesn’t offer range extenders, they are widely available and  easy to configure yourself. Simply follow the manual provided with your purchased extender to have it setup  in no time!

Purchase a range extender from Dion Wired, , PC Direct and many of your favorite tech stores.