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From time to time ISPs offer free data to their customers but nothing on a scale that has really turned heads.

That is all about to change.

Web Africa has decided to push the limits and add 50TB of Download Plus to all their *Capped packages for the month of August. Yes you read that correctly – 50 Terabytes!

In order to promote the use thereof (and innocent rivalry amongst capped customers), we’ve also decided to throw in some really awesome prizes for the top downloaders (Refer to our competition page for further details).

The big question really is what can one download with 50TBs?

Well to put it into perspective, downloading Avatar in HD uses around 12GB of data. So that’s at least 4200 HD movies! Got your attention yet? No?

Downloading Game Of Thrones seasons 1 through to 4 in HD uses around 23.5GB of data. We’d suggest you start the download marathon as soon as humanly possible because you’ll need to download the equivalent of 2100 complete seasons before reaching the 50TB Download Plus cap. Proper crazy.

We don’t expect you to stay awake until midnight and beyond in order to take advantage of this offering; hence, be smart and schedule your downloads. Hopefully the phrase “schedule your downloads” doesn’t sound like backwards underwater Chinese to you, if in the event it does, we’ve created 2 knowledge based articles to assist you:

1. uTorrent scheduling

2. Windows update scheduling

 Now to discuss the elephant in the room: ADSL line speeds

You are probably thinking “Little Jimmy down the road has a 20Mbps ADSL line, how could I possible compete with that?” The simple answer is we can’t control the speed at which your ADSL line syncs; that’s a combination of Telkom infrastructure and user choice. That being said, we would highly recommend upgrading your line to the highest speed your exchange can support, in order to appreciate the full capability of ADSL (It’s cheaper than you think). In order to upgrade please log in to your Customer Zone or contact us on 086 000 9500.

We also realise that well worded explanations often offer little comfort and therefore we’ve also decided to reward any user who is able to download at least 50GB of Download Plus data with an extra 50GB in September.

So what are you waiting for?


PS> Download Plus Q&A’s can be found here

*Excludes Prepaid, Uncapped, Reseller VISP services & free packages.