Ever wondered how much data you use when you watch the latest viral video on YouTube, cringe at the comment or photo your parents have just posted on Facebook or download the latest episode of Modern Family to see what Phil is up to this time? Reading this article will use up around 300kb of your data – so even if you have lost interest you might as well read on otherwise you have just thrown away this data for nothing – sorry but I can’t give it back to you.

Having your internet through us you can easily see your daily and monthly usage but what you don’t see (well those of us who are not so techie) is where the most of your usage is going. ┬áThe infographic below shows an estimate of what data you use when you visit certain websites, read an email, play an online game or download something.


Where do you spend most your time on the internet? Leave a comment below and let us know (that wasnt meant to rhyme!)