I’d like to thank you for all your clearly heartfelt and passionate comments regarding our network move and big price cuts for Home Uncapped customers which we announced yesterday.

Many of your questions and concerns can only be answered by leaping forward in time a few weeks, when we have all actually spent some time observing and experiencing the network performance under our new backbone provider, IS. Both Web Africa and IS are determined to provide a top class internet experience for our customers, so we’re up for the challenge! We believe that time will prove a good judge of our network move.

There are two things I can, however, promise you right now, because we have full control of the outcomes:

1. Our new uncapped data prices are significantly lower than they were last week, in some cases more than 30% lower, and are among the most competitive in the market.

2. As a Web Africa Home Uncapped customer, whatever package you have with us, you will be able to consume significantly more data in a month than you would have been able to a month ago. AUPs and traffic prioritisation are tricky to handle for an ISP: you either go public on setting limits, as we did before, which ends up being quite restrictive for customers, or you promote a “% of traffic” based policy, which is harder to express in precise terms but ends up allowing more customers to use more data. We want to give the second option a try because we think that most of you will get more ‘bang for your buck’ as a result.

The most important thing for us, as Web Africa, is to make sure that we’re continually improving the service we provide our customers. All we know for sure is that we are trying very hard to offer you a great service at a great price. We’re far from perfect but, between us, we do read every comment which you make about us, hard as some of them are to swallow, and filter them down to a consensus which we use to develop our products. Thanks for your support.

Tim Wyatt-Gunning (CEO)