We officially released our new Uncapped pricing earlier today, and the good news just keeps rolling in. After many, many meetings we’ve decided to opt to move our own network over to IS (Internet Solutions).

“The choice to partner with IS was an easy one; with their rock-solid infrastructure and excellent technical expertise behind us, it frees up our resources considerably, allowing us to focus completely on delivering our world-class service to customers,” says Tim (our CEO).

Our forums have been set up with a fairly comprehensive FAQ list which should answer everyone’s questions, but if you would like to know anything else, feel free to comment here or share your thoughts.

Alan, our CTO, says he’s extremely excited to move over to the IS network – allowing for more Points of Presence in JHB and CPT.

The network move to IS will take place today, 4th February 2013 and span to 8th February for our Resellers, with everyone else being moved over on the 26th – 28th February. This will allow us to manage any issues that may crop up (hopefully there will be none at all).

We’ll be chatting to Alan, Rupert (our COO) and Tim (CEO) in the coming weeks to touch base on how things are going and to get their thoughts on the move. In an exclusive, we’ll also try and record Alan’s Engineering team’s sleep patterns – which we have a feeling will be fairly minimal over the next few weeks 😛

If you have any questions for Alan, Rupert or Tim, post them up here.