Greetings Webafricans!

This is my second post on the Web Africa blog – last month I did an introductory post on Google Analytics. This week we’re going to take it a step further and look at how to install Google Analytics on your website.

The first thing we have to do before anything else is place some tracking code on our website. This tracking code is provided to us by Google and is placed on our website so Google Analytics can gather all the statistics of our visitors and provide us with useful aggregations of this data. In my last article I mentioned 5 different types of reports, it’s these reports that we’ll be able to access once the tracking code is in place.

Google themselves explain the process in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Set up account properties. There’s a good explanation here on account set up.
  3. Set up tracking code. There’s a good tutorial here.

However, because Google keeps evolving Analytics I wanted to take the time to put together a walk-through video so you can actually watch me do it. I did this video in one take, with an awful amount of background noise due to a faulty fan in my Macbook, so please bear with me:

Next time we’ll look at goals, what types there are and how to go about setting them up. Goals are one of the most fundamental parts of Google Analytics so be sure to check back here for the next instalment!

If you’re having trouble inserting the tracking code into your website, pop me a comment below and I’ll try my best to assist you.