If you think Whatsapp is just a chat app that lets you send memes and annoy your chat groups then you are not getting the most out your Whatsapp for android.

Here are 5 extensions to help you get more out of Whatsapp:

(Please note: You need to be running Whatsapp on a Chrome-based browser such as Opera or Google Chrome with Whatsapp Web for these to work)

Hide Media

This one is a must-have for your Whatsapp web extension (especially if you are using it at work).
Hide Media will do exactly what it sounds like – it will blur any videos or images which are sent to your Whatsapp – but only on the web extension. You can choose to view them if you wish but you will avoid having your private chat images popping up on a screen for all to see.

Whatsapp Business

If you’re using a dual SIM phone to help you manage your business responsibilities, then this one is for you. Whatsapp business allows you to run Whatsapp from two different numbers on one phone, and lets you decide which to reply from.
It also comes with some neat features, such as the ability to set up “quick replies” for those messages that you find yourself having to send often.
The best part? It’s an official Whatsapp extension – so you are guaranteed of the best possible results from the app.


This is a super-cool extension for those who frequently search or fact-check exact information. This app extension allows you to search Wikipedia for anything by simply sending a word to the wikibot phone number.
All you have to do is add Wikibot’s number to your contact list, then send a message to the number which reads “ join ultramarine-tapir”.
You may be thinking “Why not just Google what I want to know?” but Wikibot has advantages. For one thing, you are searching directly in Wikipedia. For another, you don’t need to sift through websites in search of your info.

Whatsapp Auto

This is a great one if you often find yourself in the position of needing to send a reply but being far too busy to do so. Whether you are in a meeting or busy driving, Whatsapp auto can help.
What’s so great about it? You can set up your own quick replies using your own language and tailored to suit your own needs. It also allows you to format your messages as you’d like with the ability to make your text bold, italic or even to strikethrough.
Not interested in customized replies? That’s okay – you can use the preloaded ones which come with the extension.


This is a great extension for those who use Whatsapp Web because it allows you to read your messages without activating the Blue Tick – which can be important when you are busy at work and not always able to reply right away, but still need to be informed of anything urgent.
This is especially great for parents at work – you want to know if something happens with the kids, but can’t always be available to chat.
How it works is that when you receive a new message an icon will pop up. You can then hover over it to read the message – but without actually clicking into it.

WAToolKit offers a number of other useful Whatapp tools, and it’s light-weight, too.

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