Hi Everyone

Webafrica is 20 years old this month. Not bad for an internet business!

We started out offering basic internet connectivity and web hosting but as your internet and hosting needs have grown exponentially it’s all getting rather complicated.

On the internet side, 3 years ago we just offered ADSL. Now we have Fibre and LTE too, both of which are growing like crazy.

On the hosting side, we just offered basic web hosting services. Now we have VPS, Website design & marketing and Website security. And during that period we have bought 10 other hosting businesses to beef us up.

As a result, we don’t think we should try and be “Everything Web” anymore because it’s simply not possible to be good at everything web, because it’s too damn big.

So we have decided to formally split the businesses into two to ensure that you are served by a company which really understands your needs.

From 1st November, we are changing things to allow us to serve you better:

  • All of our Hosting customers will be serviced under one of our existing brands, Gridhost.
  • Our Internet Access customers will remain under the Webafrica brand.

And that’s all. Same people, same products, same pricing. But better.

Who is Gridhost?

In 2013 Webafrica purchased Gridhost, a well-known name in the hosting world, with the intention to bring their customers under the Webafrica brand.

We soon realised that the brand itself was strong, so we decided to keep it running as Gridhost, supported by Webafrica and its full resources.

Today Gridhost is letting go of Webafrica’s apron strings, but we’re still the same people you’ve dealt with all along.

What improvements are planned?

  • Separate, more specialised Operating systems
  • Inclusion of some new high level hosting specialists
  • Ramped output of cloud-based applications for small businesses

So, when is this all going down?

We will gradually migrate your Hosting services from Webafrica to Gridhost from the start of October, with completion planned for 1st November. Don’t worry, we will email you in advance before any change affecting you. Again, the people, products and pricing remain the same.

Which services will be migrated to Gridhost?

All hosting related services will be moved over to Gridhost. These include, but are not limited to, web and email hosting, domain registrations, websites we’ve designed for you, websites you have designed yourself (web builder) and any “hosting-related” add-ons such as SSL certificates, Cloudflare and so on.

You will be contacted closer to the time but we expect no downtime on any of your services.

Will I be a Webafrica AND a Gridhost Customer?

If you have both internet access (ADSL, Fibre, LTE and so on) and hosting services then you will be a customer of both brands. We know that’s not ideal – 2 invoices, 2 places to manage your services and 2 different means to contact us BUT I can assure you that this, in the long run, will mean better service and more product offerings in the future.

Do I need to change my payment methods?

We will remind you closer to the time but here is a quick summary:

  • If you pay by credit card: no.
  • If you pay by EFT: yes, a change in banking details. These new banking details will appear on your Gridhost November invoice. You will also be able to pay via Payfast (instant EFT) from November onwards if you wish.
  • If you pay via debit order: yes. You will be required to digitally accept a new debit mandate – this will be presented to you when you log into your new Gridhost Client Area. Please note, if you have done this already in your Webafrica Customer Zone, then you will not be required to sign it again.

Who do I contact for my support queries?

For now (until we inform you) it will stay as is – you will deal with Webafrica through our normal channels – email, phone (086 000 9500), social media (Facebook & Twitter) and live chat.

We have re-launched our Gridhost website and will providing a separate phone number and email address from 1 November.

We have put a lot of work into the Gridhost brand, from a new logo and corporate identity to an improved and customer-friendly website and Client area. We hope you will be proud to be part of the Gridhost family!



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