Winter is ‘finally’ here!

The seventh instalment of HBO’s enthralling fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, will see worlds collide after the first six seasons scattered characters all over the place. But now, with Daenerys Targaryen setting sail for Westeros to claim the Iron Throne, Arya returning from Braavos, and the two Stark children together in Winterfell, this season is all about bringing people together and starting the war we can’t wait to see.

Westeros is going to be one big reunion, and whether you’re ready or not, it will most certainly defy your expectations and deliver an emotional gut punch that we’ve come to expect!

If you haven’t had enough time to watch, rewatch or catch up with season six, we’ve come up with a handy guide to show where some of the characters (we think to make explosive impact) currently are and what they’ll be up to in the seventh season (with some really cool character posters).

Cersei Lannister

Following the destruction of the Great Sept, Tommen commits suicide by jumping out a window. Cersei, cold and conniving, orders that his body be burned and the ashes buried at the ruins of the Sept before crowning herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.


Jon Snow

Jon is revived by Melisandre, after which he passes his cloak and command to Edd, declaring his intent to leave the Night’s Watch. He is later crowned as the King of the North, meanwhile beyond the Wall, Bran Stark learns that Jon is actually his cousin, and his parents were Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.


Sansa Stark

Sansa watches as her torturer husband, Ramsey, is torn apart by his own hounds. She is left annoyed when Jon is declared King of the North, even more so after she was promised to lead by the side of Littlefinger.


Arya Stark

Now fully trained as a Faceless Man, Arya is the little assassin that slit the throat of Walder Frey, after he baked his sons into a pie. We’re not sure who is next on her hit list. However, Cersei is a sure bet.


Daenrys Tartgaryen

The Mother of the Dragons is on her way to Westeros with a bunch of ships and dragons flying overhead to claim the throne she believes is rightfully hers. Before setting sails, she leaves her boyfriend Daario, in what she claimed as a political move.


We’ve only touched the surface of speculation (if anything) on who we think will have an impact on the forthcoming season, but in typical GoT-fashion we will most certainly be in for quite a few surprises. But there is one thing for certain we’re ready to expect even the largest twists and turns, and we’re prepared for one of the greatest (arguably) finales in television history!



“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” – Ramsey Bolton

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