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So you’ve taken the plunge and gone and bought yourself a nice new pro-looking camera with all the bells, whistles and lenses…..and this is going to be the path to riches and glory as a world famous photographer as you capture moments in history and beautiful portraits of your friends and family …..but there’s one small problem! You have no idea what all the buttons and settings mean and the camera’s manual seems to be written in some sort of “code” that you neither have the time nor inclination to decipher!!!

Well fear not as help is at hand for the Cape Town Photo Club has been launched and is holding regular indoor and outdoor events to help you crack this code in a fun, informative and accessible fashion.

The Club is less formal than the traditional organisations and we firmly believe the best way to improve your photography is by doing rather than just being told what to do.

Throughout the year they hold evening workshops around Cape Town “focusing” on different subjects thus allowing you to pick and choose the types of photography lessons that most appeals to you. The evening sessions are just the start, they are devising tours and outings that will let you practice your newly acquired skills in the real world.

The next workshop will be at The Local Grill in Woodstock. It’s a perfect venue where members and newbies alike can reward themselves for all the concentration after each event with a delicious meal at a special price. These dinners are hosted by the Cape Town Photo Club and offers a perfect opportunity to meet some fellow photographers, chat about the workshop or simply tuck into a delicious steak or piece of fish!

Go to for more information. The next event is “Getting Off Auto” on 2nd September and costs just R100 for the 2.5 hour workshop. Book yourself a spot here before it reaches capacity (scroll down to “Getting off Auto! pt 1 – 2nd September 2014”).

Photographers of all levels of experience is welcome from beginners who want to just “Get Off Auto” to experienced photographers who want to unravel the mysteries of HDR photography to take their images to the next level.

Occasionally they are lucky enough to beg, borrow and steal time from some world class photographers who are in town and available to spend an evening showing some images, telling some tales from their photo adventures and sharing their techniques.

Membership to the Club is free. All you have to do to join is attend one of the events or workshops or go on a Cape Town Photo Tour.

• No Subscriptions

• No Committees

• No Politics

Just like minded individuals sharing their passion for photography and adventure.

As a member you will be notified first about all the upcoming exciting events as well as be offered discounted rates on all the tours and outings throughout the year.