Children in the Early Childhood Development stage need constant stimulation and activities to keep them learning about their newfound world. Netflix has some top shows on the circuit at the moment which will have your toddlers learn more and have fun all the way!

Here are some of our top picks:

Ask The Storybots

Underneath the TV/computer screen where you watch your favourite show, are tiny, curious little creatures with a keen sense of adventure and love jumping into the human world to answer the very big questions from the tiny, inquisitive kids they meet. If your toddlers just cannot get enough of these little guys in the three seasons of eight episodes each currently available, there is also “The StoryBots: Super Songs” and “A StoryBot Christmas”.

Green Eggs and Ham

How can we leave out this classic Dr. Seuss tale, brought to life in a lively animated comedy?

The rare Chickeraffe gets rescued from the zoo by kindhearted Sam who just wants to see the creature back in the wild. Trouble lies ahead as Sam accidentally swops his briefcase carrying the Chickeraffe to that of an inventor, Guy. To cut a long story short because there’s a lot of happening in this story; Sam, Guy and a girl who wants the Chickeraffe as a pet E.B. ends up going on an adventure and try to get through the hurdles of having EB’s overprotective mother (and Guy’s potential love interest), as well as poachers, stand in their way. The voice actors include Michael Douglas (as Guy), Diane Keaton (as Michellee, E.B.’s mother) and Keegan-Michael Key (narrator) to name a few. This one has an 8.3 out of 10 star rating on IMBD with most adults admitting they get hooked on it too!

The Magic School Bus

Lessons are anything but boring in Ms Valerie Frizzle’s class as they take off in a magic school bus for each class and journey through various time periods, sciences, exciting locations and other interesting field trips made to let the students experience the lesson through time and space. When they are done with this one, they can also watch the spin-off “Magic School Bus Rides Again” with Ms. Frizzle’s sister Fiona getting in the driver’s seat, exploring new adventures.

Cat in a Hat

Yes, ‘The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That!’ is a fan favourite giving you another interesting Dr. Suess book adaptation. Cat in the Hat goes on various journeys with Sally and Nick to teach them about various interesting things.

Learning songs by Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends

We all know how much children like to sing… nothing better than a good old nursery rhyme show! These easy-to-learn songs are sung with catchy tunes to help children learn more about shapes, animals, numbers, vehicles, and daily things around us. We all know, toddlers love to sing along so this is definitely a winner!

Julie’s greenroom

You might not be able to get your children to watch “Sound of Music” any day soon, but Julie Andrews should have her sweet angel voice somewhere in their education, right? Well, this is the next best thing (until they’re old enough to watch The Princess Diaries).

Word Party

As the name suggests, this one is all about words! The show focuses on teaching spelling and building vocabulary to toddlers. Very educational and useful for toddlers who are starting to speak as well as those starting to read and write.

Tip: Follow the Netflix Jr. Youtube Channel made just for Juniors, to get the latest show trailers.


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