Okay, so you were just about hit ‘save’ on that Buzzfeed Quizz “Can we guess which celeb you’ll marry based on your choice of drinks” when suddenly the connection times out.

‘No!’ you scream, waving your fists defiantly at the ceiling, you were one click away from getting the reveal of your Hollywood soulmate!

Glancing over at your LTE router, you notice it blinking maliciously at you with a red ‘MODE’ light.

Before you drop us a line, here’s a fairly straightforward troubleshooting technique for you to try:

  1. Power down your LTE device
  2. Remove the SIM card
  3. Wait a full 30 seconds
  4. Replace the SIM card
  5. Power your device back on … and presto!

You should now be back online, now.

Why does this happen? Unfortunately only the internet sprites can answer that one.

What we can tell you is that more often than not this quick fix works like a charm.


A Post by Kurt from Webafrica Support