If DSTV is looking for a way to future-proof their service then they are definitely on the right track.

In case you missed it, MultiChoice has announced a game-changer for DSTV Now subscribers.

No more cumbersome satellite dishes and degrading decoders to slow down your viewing!

MultiChoice has launched three new DSTV Now apps for your Smart TV, Apple TV, and Android media players (yup, that includes your phone and tablet). According to the company, 4th-gen Apple TV (and up), Samsung and most SMART TV models and Android (from 2015 onwards) will be supported for the app.

The long and short of it is this: If you have an awesome internet connection (like a Fibre line) and you have a DSTV subscription, you can stream your DSTV binge without being attached to  decoder and dish.

No more going out in the rain to wipe down the dish (to get your signal back) or missing the big game just because you’re not home this weekend.

It seems we are on the verge of a new era of DSTV connectivity. One thing’s for sure, we are going to stay tuned to see what they do next!

Credit: My Broadband for the details.


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