Webafrica’s “Fibre Freebies” promotion is finally coming to an end; make sure you order (or pre-order) a Fibre service from us before the end of March, and we will subsidise your entire setup costs. Valued at over R3000 for most networks, this deal includes:

  • Free installation
  • Free connection
  • A free Fibre plug-and-play router
  • Your first two months of Fibre Internet for free

And even if you order a Fibre service from us before the end of March and it is only installed and activated from 1st April onwards, we will still pay for all your setup costs and give you up to two month’s free fibre internet.

If you order after 1st April, we will have to pass on to you any installation and connection fees charged to us by our underlying Fibre network providers. However, we will still provide you with a plug-and-play fibre router.

The installation and connection fees as currently charged by our service providers are:

  • Openserve – R0
  • Fibrehoods – R0
  • Octotel – R1710
  • Maboneng – R1710
  • Vumatel – R2710
  • Mitsol – R2850 up to 10 Mbps and R1710+ above 10 Mbps
  • Frogfoot – R1710

Check here to see if you can get Webafrica Fibre now and if not, which network will soon be digging up your pavement and driving you nuts as they install it.

We have made a massive investment in helping to stimulate the Fibre revolution, making it as risk-free as possible for many thousands of South Africans to experience FasterFast Fibre in their homes. You can be one of them: just order your service with us before the end of March!

*Please note that this promotion has expired.