We have seen the future, or at least, we’ve seen it on the internet, and it’s filled with awesome technologies that make life easier in different and innovative ways. We found some cool next-gen tech,  some of which will blow your mind.

Solar Roofing – Tesla 

  • This Solar Roofing will turn sunlight into electricity, building your solar panels right into your roof!
  • No need for load-shedding issues anymore.

 Lexus Hover Board

  • Please watch the video we found for you  – where can we place our pre-order?!

Mind-Controlled Skateboard

  • All you need to do is to think about moving forwards, and the motorized deck will start to accelerate.
  • Then when thoughts of stopping run through your mind, the deck pulls up to a stop.
  • The Emotiv helmet-like brain reading sensors pick up your thoughts, it’s then processed by a Samsung tablet running Windows 8.
  • The tablet connects to a controller for the electric motor that drives the wheels, translating your thoughts into action.


  • A prototype, the Burritobot is instructed using a smartphone app.
  • Customized by selecting which ingredients you want and using sliders to specify the proper ratio.
  • The machine goes to work, using “extruders” mounted on a moving carousel to deposit the desired ingredients.

Augmented Reality Gloves

  • This awesome gadget collaboratively edits 3D virtual objects in mid-air, in real-time, using an iPad and a motion-tracked glove.
  • Facilitates spacial mapping between virtual and real space, allowing the editors to build, change, and control virtual objects in tandem.


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