smart tech trends 2014

“Here today, gone tomorrow” is a popular saying with the booming growth of technical product developments. Your brand new cellphone that’s just hit the shelves labels you an early adopter, but 6 months into your 2 year contract you will be lucky if it’s still the best phone available.

Some people enjoy the fast technological advancements and finds this era a very exciting one to be in and be part of. Others cant run far enough away from it and simply can’t keep up. (View my blog on 7 tech phobia’s here)

According to TendMARK 2014, Here are 4 Smart TECH trends for 2014.

1.       The idiot box becomes the smart TV

old vs new tv

The smart TV has officially taken off, becoming the “normal” TV over the old boxed TV. The smart TV has many functions that continues to be developed such as the following:

  • Smart TV’s and media centres can now be controlled through smart phone apps and WiFi instead of using a TV remote.
  • Many Xbox’s and Play Station games are now played through the internet using smart TV’s and their media centres.
  • Samsung has redesigned the Smart Hub TV interface for ease of use by integrating  TV, personal photos, music, apps and internet together.
  • They have also  launched the new curved smart TV for that added viewing experience.
  • Apple has updated its Apple TV product with a Bluetooth keyboard and it’s operating system has potential for voice control using Siri.

2.       The “second screen” revolution

second screen

We are no longer technically only glued to the TV. Many smart TV viewers are now dividing their viewing and attention between two screens: the smart TV screen and another smaller screen on hand such as iPad, tablet, or phone connected to the internet.

This second screen is used to research information on the main TV screen’s show being watched, discus it on social media or talk about it on instant messaging. The big challenge now is capitalizing on this trend and making it work!

3.       Wearable tech

wearable tech

The wearable gadget craze was big in 2013 and continues to grow this year with Apple’s CooCoo watch and Samsung gear fit to name two. We can’t forget about Google Glasses that are now available.

These wearable tech items are made smaller and lighter for non-bulky everyday use, becoming part of life. They are used in conjunction with GPS, cellphone, applications or websites and track everything you can think of from social media sharing, graphs, results and even a personal trainer offering suggestions and assistance for improvement.

Read more about wearable workout tech in a blog here.

According to trendMARK it’s estimated that in the next 5 years, between 15 and 30 billion devices will be connected to the web and each other with a market expected to exceed $8.9 trillion.

4.       3D printing

3D printing has been called the Third Industrial Revolution. It moves away from the Henry Ford era mass production line to bring customisable, once off production.

The printers can print in plastic, metal and hundreds of other materials creating 3D objects . It can design virtually anything, from manufacturing prototypes such as aircraft engine parts, artistic sculptures, fossils, and even hum organs or tissue using a person’s own cells.

This opens a whole new buyer’s world of them customising and ordering online exactly what you want instead of mass produced items.



Source:trendMARK feature by Jon Pienaar.