It’s that time of year again when you wrack your brains trying to come up with the perfect Christmas presents for the special people in your life. If those special people are techies/geeks/work in IT/love gadgets then your problems are over! Here’s our tech and gadget gift guide, featuring the goodies that we would love to receive in our Christmas stockings this year.

Happy shopping!


1. Whistle key finder, R110 

Whistle key finder

If you tend to lose your keys a lot (and let’s be honest here, who doesn’t?), you attach the whistle key finder to your set of keys, give a whistle and it will beep and light up. If that wasn’t enough, the whistle key finder also has a bright LED, so it doubles up as a mini torch.

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2. The Asado Flameboy (the ultimate braai tool), R135

Asado flameboy

This is the perfect gift for the braaier in your life! The Asado Flameboy is a multi tool with seven functions in one, from a spatula to a bottle opener. It’s also lightweight, which means you can take it along when you go camping.

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3. App magnets, R150


Bring the virtual world into the real one with these cool app logo fridge magnets.

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4. Desktop drum kit, R165

Desktop drum kit

If you need to stimulate your musical creativity while sitting at your desk, then this miniature drum kit is the answer. Warning: it may seriously annoy your colleagues!

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5. Scribble writing alarm clock, R215

Scribble writing alarm clock

This is an alarm clock, birthday reminder and an electronic post it note all in one! Write down your to-do list on it and when the alarm goes off in the morning it will display your scribbles.

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6. Sphero, R1249


Control the Sphero with your smartphone, and choose from over 20 apps  and games for a new world of virtual/real life gaming.

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7. Kindle, R1299


If you’re still resisting the digital revolution when it comes to your reading material, resist it no longer. Why lug around a suitcase full of books on holiday when you can store all your books, magazines and newspapers on one small device? This is a great gift for the avid bookworm.

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8. Jawbone UP Fitness Wristband Tracker, R1520


You wear the Jawbone UP on your wrist and it records how much you move, monitors your sleep and helps you log what you’re eating with the food diary. An companion Android or iOS app displays the data clearly to monitor your progress. It also gives you feedback, like advising you to sleep more if you need it, or exercise more. This is a great gift for someone who wants to get healthy in 2014!

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9. The Impossible Instant Lab, R3000 (and R500 for shipping from the US)


If, like me, you take thousands of photos on your iPhone but don’t ever end up doing anything with them, this at-home digital printing machine is for you. It prints your images so they look like Polaroid photos – just connect your iPhone to the machine, choose your photo and then print it out.

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10. Parrot AR Drone, R4899

Parrot AR drone

We gave away one of these in our Christmas giveaway, and it’s definitely on many of our wishlists for Christmas this year. You fly this high-tech quadricopter with your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi. Perform mid-air flips and other acrobatics as the drone records everything using the inbuilt 720p HD camera, and sends the footage directly to your smartphone or tablet.

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Some of our social media fans share what’s at the top of their Christmas wishlists:


Kindle Paperwhite


Windows 8


I wouldn’t mind a gaming console like the PS4 but I’m scared my social life might disappear!


10-inch tablet


iPhone or iPad latest models.


PS4 or iPad Air


What do you want for Christmas this year?