Pacman and Galactica have become childhood memories to tell stories about since game-changers like Fortnite came onto the scene. The online gamer environment has been owned by Fortnite ever since it arrived on our screens a few years ago, and the following seems to be growing faster than most.

Let it be known – this blog is written from one Noob to the other  😉

Some insight on the game itself:

It’s an online battle royale video game, developed and published by Epic Games.

For the past few seasons, the game has been free to download on gaming consoles such as PS4 +Xbox. In our opinion, this easy-access elevated the game to new ranks of global awareness.

Fortnite has an age restriction to take into account though – no kiddies under 12 – as the game can get violent, to a degree.

Why Fortnite you ask?  Well…

  • It’s free to download on all compatible devices, consoles and cell phones.
  • You are able to play with anyone the game pairs you up with – on a global scale (depending on whether you’re feeling for a duo challenge or a full squad game) and chatting to someone on the opposite side of the planet is pretty fun.
  • The super animated, fun and cool gaming experience.

We have pretty epic Fortnite battle royales in the office during break time, of course. So, it’s only natural that we want to discuss Fortnite.

Here are some things you should know before you enter the Fortnite realm of fun … you know, to release your inner game hacker 😉

For the Minecraft players:

This is something we think you would enjoy and you could hit pro ranks really quickly, simply because you guys are already epic builders in-game, and the building skills required on Minecraft will definitely set you apart from the “noobs” (new gamers) when you get started on Fortnite.

Top 5 things Noobs need to know about Fortnite: 

Crouch And Shoot

  • The guns are not as accurate as most shooter games, which makes for a challenging fight when encountering the enemy. If you crouch and shoot you will have improved accuracy and safety.

Gathering Resources (looting)

  • Once you land on the game map, you will need to gather a few items before you start your battles.
  • Try hammering all types of things on the map (trees, cars anything really) – almost everything can be used as material when building forts and or protecting you –  in combat – Also, you’ll notice that a weird blue icon appears on the thing you’re smacking.
  • This earns you the most resources you can get with each hit, this increases your building materials and leaves you less vulnerable in combat.

Build To Save Yourself

  • Epic Games has created a “Playground map” for you to try out your building skills without dying and to allow you to practice, practice, practice.
  • Learning how to build will protect you and help you to gain advantages in combat. Remember its all about survival.

Shield Potions Are Essential

  • The blue shield potion makes you super resilient in combat.
  • The game is about surviving – this helps you survive 😉

Use Bushes And Trees For Concealment

  • These can be found when looting (mostly in gold chests / Lamas ). You can slip inside some of them, which conceals your character and makes you tough to spot from a distance and can even serve as a close by camouflage.
  • It also works really well when sniping your enemies and remaining undetected.

Now you have all the tools you need to be the best you on Fortnite. Have fun!

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