We want you sounding like the pro gamer we know you can be – which will probably be very soon, so, we threw a top 10 basic gamer jargon list together, to have you sounding like a pro, with or without the skills.

While you’re gaming your thumbs off (please take breaks) online, you will probably come across these terms from time to time. We want to make sure you understand the most frequently used gaming jargon and respond with confidence to the global world of online gaming… You know because … #WebafricaCares.

  1. FPS
  • First-Person Shooter This term refers to the type of game in which you see the world through the eyes of your selected character. It also involves shooting.
  1. Easter Eggs
  • Easter eggs are hidden treasures on the game – such as unlocking a new character or secret level. They don’t just appear anywhere in video games – to keep it interesting online games have become particularly known for hiding them in plain view. So they’re there but not there, and must be hunted for. like an Easter egg.
  1. Glitching
  • Despite being subjected to game quality assessment testing, some games are launched with bugs. Encountering one could lead to you glitching; getting stuck in a wall, for example, would be the game “Glitching”
  1. Clan
  • Most team-based games have clans (sisterhood/brotherhood/ sister-brotherhood)*, which are groups of friends or strangers who come together to form a team. Clan matches are when two clans face off against each other.
  1. N00b
  • Short for a newbie, refers to new players who possess no real skill and/or are proving to not be clued-up on the game that much (or at all). The term is often used to poke fun at game veterans who are exhibiting n00bish’ behaviour.
  1. Camper
  • Mostly used by online shooters to refer to people who stand, sit, or lie still rather than move around the map. Camping is generally frowned upon by most of the gaming community, and taking a camper out of the game will leave you feeling like Rambo. It’s very satisfying
  1. Spammer
  • Shooters who keep their finger pressed down on the trigger button all the time. Any kills they make are more as a result of luck than skill.
  1. Kill Ratio
  • Most gamers rank their players or opponents according to their kill ratio. You’d be ranked higher for ending a game with 6 kills and 0 deaths than you would for 10 kills and 6 deaths.
  1. XP
  • Experience Points, which are accumulated as you progress through game levels. Hitting certain levels of XP usually sees your character level up and gain new abilities and or really cool weapons.
  1. Bots
  • Multiplayer gaming doesn’t always require you to have real opponent players, as bots (AI players) can take their place instead. You can usually choose the difficulty of bot you want to face off against – this can make for awesome practice runs of the game until you’re a Pro.


You now know the basics when it comes to gamer jargon. Keep practising – we are rooting for you!




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