So you chilling out and chatting away online and BAM! … One of your contacts hit you with a foreign acronym that just throws you to the point where you need Google to unencrypt it. Now, to ensure you have a guideline, we have compiled a top 10 most misunderstood chat acronyms together to protect your chat pride and dignity.


They include :

  1. IDK

Simply shows a lack of knowledge

  • I Don’t Know
  1. SMH

Indicates frustration or any other emotion relevant to what the “shake of the head” action implies

  • Shaking My Head
  1. IKR

Indicates mutual agreements on a subject and/or thing

  • I Know Right
  1. IMMD

Used to show absolute happiness

  • It Made My Day
  1. SNH

Indicates a smidge of sarcasm, unless you are in the Northeastern United States and this would mean Southern New Hampshire, LOL.

  • Sarcasm Noted Here
  1. AMA

Often used in public posts to invite users to ask any related questions on the subject matter

  • Ask Me Anything
  1. TL / DR

Indicates the mentioned text is too long-winded or has not been read completely because it’s just too long

  • Too Long
  • Didn’t Read
  1. ICYMI

This is most often used by those huge public posts. It can also be used with a humorous tone to emphasize something very obvious

  • In Case You Missed It
  1. DR

Indicates extreme happiness. Funny story here, it actually originates from a 2010 viral video in which a man becomes quite emotional while filming a rainbow in Yosemite National Park

  • Double Rainbow
  1. MFW

Indicates a reaction to a post/text/comment and/or share

  • Used with a humorous tone
  • My Face When …

Freebie: PM/DM

Something the Webafrica social media support team would have requested to assist your inquiry. Indicates a need to discuss privately and/or directly and allows for private information to be discussed over social media platforms

  • Private Message
  • Direct Message

Now that your chat dignity is intact. Enjoy and chat with confidence Webafricans 😉

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