In the next chapter of our “where to get free stuff online” series, we are taking a look at where to find online freebies for the kids.

Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, friend or grandma, you probably know that kids can keep you pretty busy. Luckily there is plenty of fun stuff online to keep them occupied, and even great downloads that you can take a long with you (on those long car trips… in the city traffic).

For your Phone or Tablet

Kids Songs Offline

For those who love to sing, this free app lets you take all your favourite kids songs on the go. Because it works offline, you can take it along with you when you leave your Wifi zone without the fear that you will run out all your data on the thing.


We know, Minecraft is old school, but kids LOVE it! We love that there are various versions available, so you can download an offline version and know for sure that your kids are only playing a game, not talking to anyone from across the globe.

App Store

This may sound kind of obvious, but check your device’s app store (Google Play or iStore) for offline games. There is a surprisingly large selection of goodies for all ages. These are games that you can download onto your device which will keep the kids busy without eating all your mobile data while you’re away from the Wifi. We strongly suggest that adults do the picking and choosing here to ensure a good mix of educational and fun activities, and to make sure that your kids are playing games that are age appropriate.

To Print and Make

For the brainiac kids who love to do worksheets, has some really great printable worksheets to keep them busy for a while. They also offer printable board games and a whole archive of easily digestible project info for those who need a hand with their homework projects. Search by category, grade or interest.

Activity Village

We have mentioned Activity Village before in a post we did on holiday activities for the kids. They are worth mentioning again, though. This website has been trusted by parents and teachers alike for a very long time. They have activities and printable content for every imaginable theme and interest.


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