Who am I?

I’m the newbie of the company and my role is that of a support consultant, but before you think that my job includes doing lunch runs and making coffee, allow me to clarify. I am a “Technical Support Consultant “

I help you, our valued customer with your technical needs.  For example: Connection drops, speed issues, fault queries and so forth.

What sets Webafrica apart?

Shortly after joining Webafrica, I noticed that there is a great emphasis on creating a culture of family. When I say family, I mean ‘The Brady Bunch’ type family and not the dysfunctional ‘Adams family’.

As “Webafricans” we treat our customers as if they are part of our family, too, in effect making the customer relations a human experience versus an automated one.

In the words of our CEO :

“The key to the company’s success is understanding its customers’ needs and providing them with world-class services.”

A typical day in the life of your friendly Technical Consultant:

My first call of the day is Mrs. Beaty from Plettenberg bay. Her LTE isn’t working this morning and I know that she needs to get to her Emails urgently.

I ask her to check the mode light indicator and the signal light indicators on the modem. It still doesn’t work so I ask her to hold, in order for me to check that her account isn’t suspended or cancelled. I then get up and go and ask my Senior for assistance, he confirms that I do all the necessary checks and advises that I ask that the customer “Mrs. Beaty” –  to power cycle her router (powering off and allowing to boot up after two minutes, plus / minus).

I go back to Mrs. Beaty and explain what’s happening and how to troubleshoot the connection problem to ensure that we get her connection back up and working.

After a total of five minutes of troubleshooting and testing, Mrs. Beaty’s connection is up and she’s overjoyed that her email inbox is flooded with emails! She thanks me for my professional assistance with her connection issue.

On a daily basis I deal with about 120 calls, covering issues from connection drops to data usage disputes.

My main mission is to get every customer online, with a great connection, and make sure they are feeling happy and valued, because I understand that without them, I wouldn’t be here.

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Thanks for reading,