Here are a few life hacks that you might not know about and will simplify your life. You’re welcome!

1. An Easy Way to Clean Your Blender

Blenders can be hard to clean with your sponge getting cut up by the blades as you awkwardly try to get in between them to clean. A much easier way to clean your blender – and less destructive to your sponges – is to add warm water with your dishwashing liquid into the blender and switch it on (remember to add the lid…)

Put soap water in your blender and switch it on to clean it easier.

2. No More Crying Over Spilt Milk

If you’re using Longlife milk you might have had the problem of spilling a full milk box as it comes gushing out. You can turn the milk carton so the opening is at the top and long side down for easier pouring.

Pour milk with the opening to the top when using long-life milk cartons to avoid spilling.

3. Blocked Nose? Good Ol’ Vicks To The Rescue!

If you own a humidifier, you can add Vicks to the water for your blocked nose. But what if you don’t have one? You can add Vicks to warm water (to ‘melt’ it) and then add it to an ice tray. Place it in the freezer and once frozen, add the blocks to your shower. It will evaporate and create Vicks filled steam to open up those sinuses!

Freeze Vicks in an ice tray and throw the ice blocks in your shower - the steam will help with a blocked nose.

4. Turn Up The Beats

You can amplify your music played through your phone, by placing your phone in a glass!

5. Smelly Shoes

If you have smelly shoes – don’t throw them out just yet. Place a few dry tea bags or baking soda in them for a few days to absorb the smell. If your shoes are wet, baking soda or rice will help soak up the water.

6. Tight Shoes

Don’t punish your poor feet with tight-fitting shoes. Stuff wet newspaper tightly into your shoe. Leave the newspaper (and shoe) to dry and remove the newspaper. That should do the trick!

Stuff wet newspaper in tight shoes to stretch them.

7. No More Struggling With Keyrings

We’ve all had a moment where we almost break our nails trying to add another key to a keyring. Next time try using a stapler remover to pull the rings apart. You can also use one of the bigger paperclips that are a bit stronger than the small flimsy ones, to push in between the rings.

8. Body Product Expiry Dates

If you weren’t aware, beauty products have expiry dates. You can find these on the majority of them if you look at the bottom near the barcode, “6M”, “12M” or “24M” will appear somewhere in small print. It indicates the number of months you have to use the product after opening.

Check the bottom of beauty products for the expiry date.

9. The Pointy Things On Ointment Caps

Most medical ointments have a pointy side on the top of the cap. These are there so, on first use, you can break the protective foil that’s at the opening of the tube.

Use the pointy bit on the cap of a medicinal ointment or cream to break the seal at the top of the opening of the tube.

10. The Wooden Spoon Trick

This trick has come a long way and might just be something your mother or grandmother has taught you already. Place a wooden spoon over a pot to prevent it from boiling over.

Add a wooden spoon over the top of a pot to prevent it from boiling over.

11. Flossing Made Easy

Try tying your dental floss at the ends to make it easier to floss.

Tie dental floss ends together to floss easier

12. The Proper Bobby Pin Usage

If you’ve ever used bobby pins, you’ll know how annoying it is when it slips off and leaves you looking like Chewbacca. Many of us use the flat side to the bottom (faced down towards our scalp) but it’s actually supposed to be the other way around. The wavy bit is supposed to face down towards your head for more grip.

13. Don’t Waste Toothpaste

Toothpaste ads usually show a toothbrush with a perfect line of toothpaste filling the toothbrush end-to-end. However, this is just to make it look nicer. You don’t actually need that much, only a pea-sized blob. It will save you some bucks!

14. Grow Roses From Stems

If you have a green thumb and want to grow some roses, you don’t need to head to the nursery just yet. You can stick rose stems into a potato to help it grow. The potato provides nutrients and water that will ensure your rose grows beautifully and healthily. CLICK HERE to find out how exactly to do it.

Grow roses by placing the stems in potatoes.

15. Peel an Orange The Easy Way

Don’t get stuck with a mess, try this handy trick! First, cut the top and bottom off of the orange and then make a cut on the side. You should then be able to roll it open into a line with all your slices presented neatly in front of you. Now you can devour it and be proud of your culinary skills…

You can peel an orange easier by cutting the top & bottom off and slicing the side. Then you can open it up and it will roll open into a line of slices.
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