We spend most of our lives at our desks either at work or home. We even sometimes spend our lunch breaks there.

Ever thought your desk should be modernized to accommodate your lengthy hours, comfort and support your forever advancing tech items taking up all the space? Why are we still using a keyboard and mouse when touch screens are trending?

Here’s 5 cool desks you might be sitting at in the future:

1. The iDesk Concept

iDesk concept

The iDesk Concept is designed by Adam Benton. It’s a completely adaptable work space that allows a bigger working area than simply the keypad, mouse and screen.  The whole desk is completely touchscreen to no longer need a keyboard or mouse. You can easily arrange items and work on multiple pages with this extra area while your desktop screen is synced. Devices on the desk can interact and sync with each other. “Files could be transferred easily between Macs, iPhones, iPads, and so on by sitting the devices on the desk and swiping file icons across its surface from one device to the other.”

2. The BendDesk


The BendDesk is a prototype multi-touch continuous desk that joins the usual desktop horizontal screen and a desk’s vertical work space where a keyboard, mouse, papers, phones and tables would sit  into one integrated desk. By incorporating multi-touch technology, the entire surface contains multi touch gestures.

 3. The Surf Chair


Tired of sitting upright or slouching all day? The Surf Chair is for you! No longer will you have have to sit upright to use the computer but instead be able to relax and be comfortable in this uniquely designed chair/workstation.

4. The Emperor Workstation


The Emperor Workstation looks like a mixture between a spaceship, robot and a scorpion, the Emporer Workstation is truly a futuristic one.

This work station’s comfortable chair has a foot rest and can recline to your comfort. There are built in touch screens and buttons in the desk area to control what you want to view on the screen above you that can also adjust to your viewing/working pleasure.

5. The Fit/Pedal Desk

Fitness, health and employee well being is growing focus point for many businesses.

The pedal desk is a game changer for desk jobs. It allows people pedal as they spend hours working. This prevents you from becoming restless or getting tired from sitting all day. Using a computer or playing a video game while engaging your legs in resistance pedaling has benefits over inactive sitting for long periods.