Following my previous blog, 8 gadgets to use for working out, not all of us are gadget junkies and are happy to use our cellphones for everything. Here is part 2: 8 cellphone apps to use with your workout to help you get that summer body, keep healthy and fit through this cold winter or keep track of  your progress. 


STRAVA is a free app for IOS and Android that uses GPS to map your run or ride routes. It provides you with key stats including distance, speed, elevation and calories burnt. You can add your friends who also use the app to challenge them and compare progress.

2. Abs Workout

This free application has a 42 day abs workout schedule to guide you every day towards a perfect 6 pack after 6 weeks.

3. Mapmyrun

Mapmyrun app does the basics of mapping your route with GPS and connects to your free account on to calculate your mileage, minutes per mile, pace and calories burnt.  It also provides real time stats of your average pace, time and distance via voice prompts updating you during your run. A great part of this app is that you can search the massive database for new running, cycling or walking routes if you are looking for somewhere new to run.

4. Bodybuilding work out

 Bodybuilding app is your own personal trainer tucked into your phone to use whenever you need to. It is simple to use with over 80 exercises to choose from, each with video support  and photos of muscle groups worked to ensure you know exactly what to do. You can customize your personal workout  according to your preferred time, goal and schedule. The app keeps you motivated with performance, weights and repetition progress graphs and it even has a timer with audio support and intervals.

5. Nike+ Running App

This nifty Nike+ Running app maps your runs, distance, pace and calories burnt providing audio feedback as you work out outdoors. You can connect with your friends also using the app for encouragement, challenges and to see how they are doing. This app is awesome because it integrates the music on your phone allowing you to enjoy your own music on the run. If you get tired of running the same routes, it helps you find the best running trails and if you link it to your iPod Nano you can track your all day activities including steps, calories and active time.

6. RunKeeper

RunKeeper uses GPS to track your route, pace, calories, average speed, elevation  and more. You can keep your results or share them on social media. It also integrates your phones music for an enjoyable workout.  People love this app because you can either design your own workout or you can choose to get coached with 10km, half marathon and full marathon training program built by coaches such as Jeff Galloway. If you are only interested in weight loss, you can pick the workout plan by Mike Diebler called “Running for fat loss”.

7. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is the perfect choice for mind & body relaxation or toning after or before a busy work day. With over 45 yoga sessions and 300 poses to choose based on duration, level or weight loss, there is a program for everyone. You can’t go wrong with positions as it provides HD videos with voice instructions and music.  Join the social community for motivation and support.

8.  Endomondo

Endomondo is one of the most popular workout apps. It does the basics including track where you run, distance, time and compares your best time with graphs to view your progress throughout your workout. You can challenge yourself by setting a previous workout as your goal and the audio coach will assist you to perform better with feedback every kilometre.