During Lockdown, financial strain has plagued the majority of South Africans. We at Webafrica know that it has been a tough few months but still want to keep giving you the quality internet service you deserve at affordable prices. As such, we’re announcing some good news…

We are decreasing four of our Frogfoot package prices from 1 September 2020!
That’s right, the same unlimited package you’ve signed up for – at a lower price. Check it out:

10/1 Mbps >> R599 /month
20/2 Mbps >> R699 /month
50/5 Mbps >> R839 /month
100/10 Mbps >> R939 /month

*cue the sigh of relief*

For more information about all our cheap-cheap Faster than Fast Fibre, visit www.webafrica.co.za/fibre 

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