Are you eager to work out but can’t let go of your gadgets or smart phone? Gym with them! According to Pharma Dynamics latest survey, technology is the motivation to swop your warm slippers with trainers this winter!

Technology can be a powerful tool in promoting physical activity and changing exercise behaviour’, Mariska van Aswegen, spokesperson of Pharma Dynamics says.

Pharma Dynamics’ survey forms part of its iChange4Health movement campaign and was conducted nationally among men and woman between the ages of 24 and 57 years old who exercise regularly.

The survey results show that 86% of those who have access to technology during exercising say it’s easier to achieve their goals and they mostly use the following devices:

48%: Smart phone, 41% iPod, 30% tablet and 17% Global Positioning System (GPS)

47% of respondents that do not use technology admitted they would work out better if they had access to their personal content while exercising.

With that said, below are 8 gadgets to use with your smart phone when working out to keep you motivated, healthy and be social with your friends this winter.

1.  Nike+ Fuel Band SE: Everyday movements not needing GPS tracking


Medium sizeWorkout wrist bands are big this year with Nike + Fuel Band being one of them without looking too bulky. It tracks how much, how often and the intensity of your everyday movements including calories burned and steps taken. Results are turned into Nike Fuel and blue toothed to the Nike+ Connect App on your mobile device providing you with real-time feedback, reminders and advice to move better.

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2.      Zartek 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player: Music while swimming or playing water sports

Zartek waterproof

Swimmers can also train to their favourite songs to keep you pumped during laps. The Zarteck 4GB Waterproof MP3 player is a comfortable, wireless headset where  you can store up to 4GB of music. It includes a USB charger to keep it charged and transfer music.

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3.      Fitbit Flex wristband: Track  how closely you are to reaching your goals


Fitbit Flex waterproof wristband tracks your everyday movement (steps, distance and calories burnt) even while not at the gym. Your stats sync to your computer or cell phone using FitBit Dashboard where you can connect with your friends who also have the wristband to challenge them.  The best part of Fitbit Flex is that you can set a goal and LED lights shine different colours informing you how close you are to achieving your goal. (each light = 20% of your goal)

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4.      Garmin Forerunner 210:  Running or cycling  with GPS

Garmin forerunner

This smart sports watch uses GPS to accurately record your distance, pace, time, calories burnt and heart rate. It comes with its own free website, Garmin Connect, to analyse your training results.

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5.      iPod Nano 6th generation: Music, movies and much more for any land workout


Nothing keeps you moving better than your favourite beats pumping while you are training whether it’s dancing, lifting weights or running. Just be careful not to start singing along loudly in public too much! The 6th generation iPod Nano is the thinnest iPod yet with a bigger multi-touch display screen allowing you to easily see photos, videos and music and quickly play,pause, change songs or adjust volume.

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6.      Samsung GearFit: Waterproof device with a heart rate monitor

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit  is an awesome waterproof  bracelet with impressive functions including a built in heart rate monitor and syncs results to Next-gen fitness app which includes nutritional analysis and advice. It combines with a Samsung S5, Galaxy Fit activity monitor and the Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch.

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7. GoPro Hero 3: Action pictures and HD videos


Turn your workouts into a hobby and video your exciting adventures with a GoPro. A wide variety of mounting attachments  are available including chest, head, bars to fit onto anything. There is nothing you can do that you cant use your GoPro for from canoeing, running, cycling, walking your dog, going for a swim, skydiving, swinging on a bar at gymnastics and everything else. Edit your HD video or pictures on your computer and share with your friends.

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8. Garmin Vivofit: Reminds you to get moving and tracks your sleeping patterns.

Garmin Vivo

The Garmin Vivofit  is another smart waterproof wristband that you don’t have to ever take off. It tracks your daily movements then puts together a personalized goal for each day. A red bar will display when you are inactive for longer than an hour to remind you to get up and walk a bit. As milestones are met, Vivofit will adjust the goal for the next day. Vivofit users can access the free online community, Garmin Connect Mobile app to track activity and recovery between sessions. Sleep mode tracks the quality of your sleep to help you understand how your sleeping patterns effects your well being.

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Lookout for part 2: Applications to download to help your workout or exercise.