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The most sought-after, sci fi , futuristic but stylish looking gadget, Google Glass is finally available to purchase in South Africa. They are just about as fancy as it gets with technology, leaving early adopters eager to put them on. Time Magazine recognised them as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year 2012”.

Google Glass is the answer to our modern, techy lives becoming simple. It incorporates your phone, laptop, calendar, reminders, social media and just about everything together on one little glass screen. You can enjoy seeing digital information in real world vision and helps you multi-task to the next level with voice prompts for anything you need while you keep both hands and vision on what you are concentrating on doing, from driving to a meeting, bathing your baby or getting assistance while cycling.

What is Google Glass exactly?

Google Glass is a slick futuristic pair of glasses with a screen living on the top of your right eye that does everything including voice prompts such as “Google, take a photo” with its 5MP camera which you can share on social media with a caption , “ Google Hangout with the horse riding group” using the 720p HD video camera so your group of friends can watch you in action while horse riding or “Quickest route to Sun City” for real time navigation. You can even ask to play your favourite song.

If you are worried that people around you are starting to think that you have gone mad talking to yourself, you can easily use the 3.25-inch touch pad on the side by swiping through a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen.

These glasses connect to everything Google including Google Calendar to not miss your plane flight or see what meetings you have today, Google Maps for real time navigation, Gmail to stay connected, Google+ to share pictures and videos with your hangouts and Google Search etc. You can link it to your smartphone with MyGlass Companion App for  IOS or MyGlass for Android .

It has a built in processor, rechargeable battery, 16GB storage, Bluetooth radio, and more.

Google has a great website with explorer stories. Watch this awesome video about them:


Image source: Google