The big G have recently started integrating all of their products a bit more tightly. There has always been a certain amount of free storage available via Gmail, Drive, Google+ photos and some other smaller services, but Google is working to make the experience of using all their tools better, by integrating them in clever ways. We have recently seen helpful integrations between Calendar and Gmail, with the ability to make appointments directly from the Gmail interface, and integrations between Gmail and Drive with the ability to attache Drive documents directly to Gmail mails, for example.

Shared storage

The latest news is great for all Google services users – the merging of the free storage across Gmail, Drive and Google+. Users will now get 15GB of free storage across these three services, without having to worry about adding up how much they are using of the free tier on each one. These changes will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks, and Google will be making updates to it’s management overview page, so you can get a quick idea of where you are using your free space (check it out here:

15GB is a pretty healthy amount of free storage to give away, but if you need more, then Google is also competing with cloud storage services like Dropbox by allowing you to buy more cheap storage. There are different tiers, but you can get 100GB for just $4.99 (USD) per month.