It has been 14 days since the boys got any action due to winter in full force in the Mother City, this was the main concern before heading into the game on Monday. They were even more concerned about the boys who were not in relationships.

In the 14 days they experienced life changing events in both work and personal lives. The boys knew they would win it! All it took was 2 finance guys , a database guy , 3 hosts , 2 techies and a salesman to make up the dream team.

With Madiba being ill the boys decided to win this one for him which they did in style. They opted to score 1 extra for Obama arriving in SA taking the score up to 4 – 3.

After confirmation from the medics they asked for a time out for a fallen hero Ralthon Witbooi, our midfielder, who suffered a hit and run on table mountain resulting in a code 2 bicycle written off by insurance. Shameegh stepped in for Ralthon and put on a superb performance. We ended the game with an outstanding 5-3 win with Tarin scoring 4 of the 5 goals.

For once the saying “It’s not you it’s me” is true. They definitely outplayed their opponents with skill, fitness, ball skill and charm. The opponents walked off embarrassed and confused not believing how badly they got crushed. It was like that awkward moment when you notice someone’s zip is down but you have no good excuse for why you were looking that low.

This great performance puts the boys in solid contention for a top 3 finish in the top flight league. I refer to the 1st soccer update where they were known as ‘’normal guys’’. Since then the soccer stars have grown not only from work colleagues to footballers but as family on the field too. Spirits are at an all-time high in the camp as their performance was simply great!

“4 weeks ago we were 9 guys , 72% of the 9 had 2 left feet , 4 of the 9 was single , 3 of the 9 had low self-esteem and a further 52% depressed” Craig mentioned looking back at how the team started to where they are today. “Today we are 9 guys with futsal blood , 3 of the 4 have now found love , 7 of the 9 now have great self-esteem and go out in public and the depression is now a thing of the past”

The charts are a reflection of the true talents within the team

1. Jesse      10 Goals

2. Tarin       7 Goals

3. Taariq     5 Goal

4. JP             2 Goal

5. Craig       1 Goal (Score by a bicycle kick from the halfway line)

6. Ebz          1 Goal

The team are filled with dreamers ,  there are realists too and they keep the team from entering leagues much more difficult than the 1 they are currently in.

Well done boys!!