The boys entered the field with high spirits coming from last week’s emphatic win. The gents played well with epic ball skills moving their feet faster than Tap Dogs but due to small rookie mistakes they missed out on the 3 points and finished with a 6-6 draw and 1 point up!

Craig described how it felt walking off the field with a first time draw as “A goal was conceded in the last minute- we came that close.  It felt like high school when you close to 2nd base and your mom walks in.”

Points are gold as at the end of the day it’s the points that count. It was so heart breaking to drop the 2 points, our soccer legends walked off the field with their proud heads down.

Cheering up the boys as the team likes to stay positive and encourage each other, Craig mentioned “We realised that legends do make mistakes.  We like many in this world have our faults. Look at Zuma. He has 9 wives yet he still scores and wins

The boys learnt that the game is only won once the final whistle is blown and that over confidence can lead to us saying goodbye to a win. Mr Meyagi told Danielson ‘’I make you warrior from nothing and you kick boys in nuts’’.

Today Mr Meyagi is dead but Danielson is a legend.

Moral of the story is that every uncapped user started out as a capped user , not to say they are capped or uncapped but our soccer team don’t get throttled on the field

The soccer stars are going to get better and better each week. For guys who met 4 weeks ago who come from different corners of the world they gel pretty well and will keep us proud!

Herewith the score charts

1. Jesse                9 Goals

2. Taariq               5 Goals

3. Tarin                 3 Goals

4. JP                     2 Goals

5. Craig                 1 Goal (this was a bicycle kick from halfway line)

6. Ebz                   1 Goal