Ok, we lost last week in the dying minutes, the 2nd time the team has ended up losing in the final minute. Simply it’s a loss and no excuses for that! The only solution to get the spirits up for the boys in Barca kits was to win.

Entering the field they gave their opponents the full stare down. At this point our boys noticed a bit of an unorthodox array of players. The opponents had a Vietnamese keeper with a ninja/Chinese gentlemen as a striker.  Not sure what to expect so they gave it their all.

Safe to say in the first half our team was up 8 – 0. At that point they realized that they had this in the bag. Our teams formation was nothing short of solid. Consistency flowed from the back to the front and vise versa.

“Being on the back line I felt like our goalie and captain, Lincoln, was the milk in my coffee. In the midfield, Tarin was the mac in Jessie’s cheese. Jessie was the buffalo in J.P’s wings. In the front, J.P. was the junk in Ralthon’s trunk and Peter was the Easter in Ralthon’s egg.” Craig mentioned describing how proud he was while playing.

Coming off from a massive injury, Ralthon was a great concern. His temporary memory loss after his hit and run tumble on a bicycle meant that the boys took a huge chance in starting him on the field. The beginning stages proved vital as he kept forgetting whose side he was on. What Linc whispered in his ear is still unknown. All they knew was that it ended in a hug.  Ralthon was never a fan of hugging, but after that he scored 3 superb goals. Some say Linc told him about his days in the army while others think it was a simple nibble on the ear or a peck on the cheek – Whatever it was, it worked.

The game reached a point where the ref did not move. It took only 3 to 4 touches and the ball would slash the nets for another goal. The lack of communication  proved to also be one of the factors against the opponents as the striker used words like:

‘’Comhere’’ instead of ‘’corner’’ meaning his team would all come to him instead of attack for the corner.

‘’Fleekick’’ instead of ‘’freekick’’ meaning that his team would flee the field after kicking.

Craig assumes the coach handed the captain’s band to someone else as he soon did not speak much after that.

Our goal cushion reached 15 – 0 in the 35th minute, at which point Linc decided to hand over the gloves to J.P. Twinkle Toes, who proved to be a good contender for the reserve keeper, making brilliant but average saves while Linc scored a goal!

With the final whistle approaching, we asked the ref how many minutes left and he replied ‘’5 minutes’’.  In these last 5 minutes our team netted another 3 goals, taking us to an unheard of 18 goals. As the Ref blew the final whistle, Lee-No-Goal-Chan, our opponent’s striker, shouted ‘’no Lef Ref let’s pway Golden goal’’. Our soccer stars have since found new meaning for “Made in China”.

18 – 0 says it all. Our opponents have to be commended for their perseverance stringing some good passes together and testing both Linc and the backline on a few occasions, up until the last minute one could hear chants of them shouting ‘’common boys we can win this’’. They must be a marketing company who came up with the Vuyo advert: ‘’

Our goal standings are very impressive below. With only two games left, our boys are more motivated than ever to end this season on a high.

1. Jesse                                16 Goals

2. Tarin                                 12 Goals

3. JP                                       6 Goals

4. Taariq                               5 Goals

5. Ralthon                            3 Goals

6. Craig                                 1 Goal

6. Lincoln                             1 Goal

6. Ebrahim                           1 Goal

Well Done!