Good Day Soccer Supporters!

A few weeks back we introduced you to a team. A team described as pretty normal gentlemen with a passion and talent for soccer. If you not sure what we talking about, read our bio on the team here.

These gentlemen endured a loss last week (see previous results) but the loss came at a price. The loss showed them that they are simply bent but not broken and as mentioned previously, they will learn to win again. 

To improve motivation they decided to see a local witchdoctor who spent 30 minutes with each player showing them what the bones were saying.

Bones with no meat means good news. As expected, they all pulled out the meatless bones. With that in mind their spirits were thankfully lifted. The great session with the sangoma ended in high spirits with a few songs while beading their very own bone necklaces to keep as a souvenir.

Talking on this morning’s Breakfast Show, Craig said “Last night the boys stepped onto the field with 1 aim in mind. Our opponents came to simply play soccer, we came to not only win but destroy the competition.”

Individually they were great last night, but as a team they were simply magical. SuperSport described it as “Watching the game felt like watching Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa into a timeless masterpiece as she simply sat there motionless. The boys were the Leonardo da Vinci’s with their opponents being 5 Mona Lisa’s.

We are not a team to boast, we are more men of wisdom and character.” Jesse said to an excited spectator.

With those values came goals and amazing set pieces which lead them to what the boys came out to do- win and and have fun by walking out of the dust storm with a 5-2 WIN!

Craig, always happy to add his 3 cent’s worth and get some “voice/camera time” ended off with this “Give us a second, we are quick. A minute, we are great. Give us 45 minutes and we are unstoppable!! “

Well done boys!