In a stroke of genius, Webafrica has expanded its horizons into the world of music with the acquisition of Ghetto Records for an undisclosed sum.

Webafrica CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning says he’s “super thrilled by a terrific new partnership which proves yet again that we are in touch with our customers and speak their language”.

“We couldn’t be happier with our new biz partnerz Webafricizzle” Says current Ghetto CEO, Jassie Rhymes. “We be planning on drizzling the shizzle all over the nizzle for the slickest ISP in Africa”, concludes Rhymes.

On explaining the rationale behind the transaction, Wyatt-Gunning avoided speculation around any plans to launch a streaming service saying “why would we want to do that? I think we’ll leave that to Apple and Dr Dre. We’re crazy about music though. For us, it’s more about our cultural identity”

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