Ever wondered what other people are searching for every time you push enter on Google after typing in your latest query?

The 10 most popular searches in South Africa on Google in the last year are not surprising or particularly exciting – there’s a mix of news, email, social media and banking. Some rising searches include Oscar Pistorius, Pinterest, iPhone 5, Whatsapp, Mr Price, Mandela – some obviously newsworthy people along with retail and technology.

Here are the top 10 searches over the last 12 months in South Africa:

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. Google

4. Gumtree

5. Facebook login

6. Gmail

7. FNB

8. News

9. Yahoo

10. Absa


Top 10 technology searches in South Africa

When you narrow the searches down to technology, there are some interesting results. Anyone else surprised that people are searching for Google on Google? Not being a Yahoo user myself, I’m not sure why so many people would be searching for it. MXIT doesn’t come as a surprise,though, as it’s the most popular social network in South Africa with nine million users.

1. Yahoo

2. Mail

3. Google

4. Blackberry

5. Mail yahoo

6. Vodacom


8. Samsung

9. MTN

10. Gmail


Source: Google Trends