I’m sure we can all relate to spending hours in front of the screen creating ‘masterpieces’ on Paint, whether it was perfecting that shade of grass or creating Picassoesque artistry. The pre-installed program that gave even the most untalented (I speak for myself) hope that they are able to draw and colour between the lines. Fast forward 32 years later, and many apps later, Google has created a new kind of drawing tool, to provide hope once again.

AutoDraw is a web-based tool that uses machine learning to turn your blobs and doodles into art that you’ll be proud of. The app is free to use on any phone, computer or tablet, and most of all it’s extremely user-friendly. As you draw (or attempt) the algorithm begins to guess what the shape may be and provides you with a list of drawings that have already been drawn by artists that have collaborated with Google.

At the moment it can guess hundreds of drawings, with Google planning to add more over time.

If you’re not convinced, see my masterpiece below:

autodraw 21-04-2017

Happy drawing!