Your Google Drive Cheat Sheet: 2018

It is time people! It is time… to use Google for more than just GIFS, even though Google has ranked the #1 search engine for most, if not all of its existence. It really has quite a few epic features to make your life a whole lot easier.

No more…will we look for paperwork in a file that looks like its hanging on for dear life. No more…will we have receipts bursting out of that infamous “admin draw” 😉   Fortunately Google has an app to help us out, it’s called Google Drive – made specifically for us who need some much needed organization with our docs, be it personal and/or professional.

Have a look at this easy guide to setting it all up:

Top 5 Google Drive features:

  • Share your photos and videos with your contacts
  • Collaborative real-time documents and sheets which effectively remove version control issues
  • An optical character recognition feature (this is really cool)
  • Store all your important documents in one place and share them easily
  • (Most importantly) it’s completely free to use

Google Drive Cheat Sheet:


Have fun organizing your Google Drive – at this point, you just know that #WebafricaCares

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