Every day we get asked the same questions from our customers around how to do this or that with their hosting package. So each month we will publish the most frequently asked questions, the answers and also some tips on how to get the most out of your hosting package…. but don’t let this put you off contacting our support team, they’d be lonely without you!

1. How can I update my name-servers?

All name server information for domain names can simply be updated via your Customer Zone, using the ‘Manage’ button alongside the service under your Services.

You can use the following knowledge base article for further assistance – http://goo.gl/p3yrJZ 

2. What are my email account settings?

Use the below settings and follow the step-by-step instructional video tutorials to set up your email.

SMTP: smtp.[domain] – enable SMTP authentication  – port 587

POP3: pop.[domain] – port 110

IMAP: imap.[domain] – port 143

Replace [domain] with your domain, e.g. smtp.example.co.za

User name: yourfullemailaddress (john@yourdomain.co.za)

3.  Am I able to access my mail remotely?

You are able to access the mail services via a Webmail service which is available on the following links:

Replace [domain] with your domain, e.g. example.co.za 

4.  What are the timeframes involved in a domain transfer?

This depends on the TLD (example: .co.za or .com) you are transferrring to Web Africa – click here to see the estimated timelines

5. What is cPanel and how do I use it?

With cPanel (Linux) you are able to accomplish your tasks faster and even non-professionals can easily set their websites and email via cPanel.

6. What is WebsitePanel (WSP)?

WebsitePanel is a popular web based admin tool for Windows based servers. Set up your website or email with ease.