We have re-launched our VPS offering and we are very confident that the new platform is performing very well and is 100% stable.

“We’ve totally reengineered our platform, and we’re excited to release it to our customers”, says Alan Kirton, our CTO. “It’s been 6 months since we openly paused our initial VPS offering, when we had some infrastructure and reliability issues. Having completely re-engineered several elements of the product, our test customers have been impressed with the service for several months”

Built using Microsoft’s Hyper-V, with infrastructure housed in Teraco, SA’s leading independent data centre, we are confident we have a winning product.

“We’ve sourced and put together a generous offering to provide commercial-grade hosting at affordable prices.” continues Alan.

Starting at just R99 for a Starter VPS package, with no contractual commitments, it’s priced very competitively alongside the handful of other local VPS providers.


Add-ons available now include various Linux and Windows OSs, SQL installations, SSL certificates, and static IPs.

Over the next few months, we plan to add easily deployable stacks to our VPS offering, which will allow customers to select predefined installations such as cPanel or a LAMP stack.