A subdomain or otherwise known as a child domain is an easy way to segment unique content to various areas of your websites.

A subdomain is part of a larger domain and although is dependent on the domain name it is still able to express relative independence. A registered domain is the only requirement to host a subdomain which can be freely created with a panel application. There is no registration fee associated with the creation of subdomains, however web hosting companies may charge for additional resources such as disk space on the server.

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Why using a subdomain is beneficial

Subdomains are effective and beneficial for websites that experience high traffic. The use of subdomains are great tools without having to purchase new domains, to redirect visitors to sections that display unique content specific to their search patterns. This sort of search patterns is managed by load balancing mechanisms.

Subdomains are also used for the following reasons:

Segmenting divisions in organisations – the subdomains could be specifically used for each division to access different areas for example in the case of tertiary education, different faculties could have their own subdomain to make it easier for visitors to navigate to. Example: copywriting.university.co.za

Segmenting website content – subdomains are especially useful if website owners have specific content that needs its own space. Example: electronics.saleswebsite.co.za

Testing and staging of websites – subdomains are ideal to website designers and builders as they provide a testing platform for newly created websites that may not yet be completed.

Cognitive reinforcement – subdomains can be named in such a way that provides visitors with specific words that enhance their perception of what to expect. Example: secure.online.co.za

The segmentation of unique content per subdomain can favour best SEO practices. For each subdomain that is topically focused, so too can specialised SEO be done to optimise the content. Although it is best to drive traffic to and from your main website, it is sometimes best to have a focused approach among the content on websites.

If you have an existing registered domain then a subdomain is a good option for sites that experience heavy traffic or if you would like to segment your content. Don’t have a registered domain? Don’t worry the team at Webafrica can help register and host both your domain and subdomain on our servers. Find out more about domain registering.


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