There is so much available online for those who know where to look. You don’t need to worry about being caught out for piracy or fraud, either, because all of these sites are 100% legit. This week we will be taking a look at where you can find free music downloads.

Free Music

Streaming isn’t always an option (like when you visit that friend who doesn’t have Webafrica internet) and you sometimes need to download your favourite tunes to take with you. You wouldn’t want to pirate music from your best band, because you love them too much, but luckily there are a couple of legit sites that let you download music free and legally.

FMA – Free Music Archive – for all of your Contemporary music, across the genres.

Find it here

NoiseTrade – Looking for something new? NoiseTrade is a free music site which also serves as a promotional platform for new artists. Download music in exchange for your Email address.

Find it here

Musopen – Love Classical music? This is the download site for you. Or, you know, for when you want to cut a CD for your mom as a mother’s day gift.

Find it here.

Amazon – believe it or not Amazon offers an interesting range of free music downloads, too. You might not find the top 40 on here (at least not a top 40 from this year) but it is worth checking out.

Find it here

Coming soon…

We will be taking a look at different free download resources in a series of “Where to get the best free downloads” blog posts. We will cover everything from movies, sport, and work resources to fun stuff to do with your kids. See you soon.

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