Emojis Are Changing The Way We Communicate

Emojis are everywhere and today even more are joining these colourful little communicator’s ranks, but before we do the great reveal, let’s look at…

Why We’re Getting All Emojional

The last Oxford word of the year was not, in fact, a word at all. To the great surprise of everybody older than 17… it was this little guy:


While I’m disinclined to call an emoji a word quite yet, I should remind myself that if the Egyptians, people responsible for the pyramids, could communicate with hieroglyphics, we probably shouldn’t be too standoffish towards these images that can often communicate more than one word. Those ancient Egyptians might just have had it all figured out all those years ago.winky

But there is more to emojis than meets the eye – they also meet our brains. According to recent studies emojis stimulate the same areas of the brain as when we look at the faces of our friends and family. Emojis can alter our moods and we react accordingly.

So whether emojis put you in a good mood or a bad mood, and whether you think they are words or not, one thing seems to be true: They are making an impact. And while these guys are likely here to stay, we might as well know what they are up to next.

So What Is The Emoji Up To Now?

World domination of course! I mean, erm, expanding. Last year we saw the release of 38 new Unicode emojis including a unicorn – I know that was a happy day for me.

Here are some of the emojis that became available in 2015:


But it seems these friendly little critters aren’t happy with simply having a squirrel and a scorpion in their midst, they want more! So today 72 new Unicode Committee approved emojis will be released. Yes, you read that right – 72!

Introducing The New Batch 

At first, as with the previous batch they will only be available on iPhones and other Apple devices, but it likely won’t be long before other platforms follow suit, and everybody will be able to pepper their chats with avocados, butterflies and glasses of whiskey – we think they have the major essentials covered.

Shhhh! Just don’t tell the hipsters that there will be no flamingo, although at least there will be bacon! tears-of-joy-emoji

A taste of what some of the new emojis will look like:


And for those who love to take a selfie – don’t fret, you too will be catered for.


Just Marvel At How Pretty They Are!

Here’s a video from Emojipedia showcasing exactly what we have to look forward to!

Love what you see? Leave us a comment on which new emoji you need to have in your arsenal – I know I’d love to see a dinosaur! – and which classic emojis you simply can’t live without!

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Emoji Mayhem – New Unicode Emojis Are On The Way!
Emojis are making a massive impact on how we communicate, and, of course, more are on the way! In fact, they are here today!