We have officially arrived at the final push for the year for students all over South Africa.

Whether you are a university student, a soon-to-be matriculant, a high-school scholar or even a parent with kids in school who need your help, we have a list of great apps that are going to make this final term go that much more smoothly.

Study Focus Apps:


This simple app will provide you with beautiful focus-enhancing background noise to help you drown out the world around you. It’s also great for those who suffer from sleep problems.

The app lets you choose between focus, sleep and even guided breathing options.

Another nice feature is the Tide Diary, which will help you to keep track of how much time you actually spend in study mode.

Get it here: Android, and iOS.


If your phone is a constant distraction (and you can’t put it away) Forest might just be the answer for you.

When you need to knuckle down and avoid your phone: Open the app, set a timer (however long you need to study for) and plant a seed. Your seed will then grow into a tree until you reach the end of your timer. If you make it to the end of the time slot you can use your tree to build your coniferous empire. If you open your phone your tree dies.

Spoiler: this only app only works on people who like trees.

Get it here: Android, and iOS.


Student Planner Apps:


This app is exactly the kind of next-gen study planner we would expect in 2018. You set your goals and it will help you figure out exactly how much you need to study to achieve them. It will automatically adjust your schedule depending on if you are ahead of or behind your schedule.

Then at the end of the week ,it will give you updates and statistics on your progress.

Get it here: Android

My Study Life

If you are looking for a simple planner that allows you to set weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedules then check out My Study Life.

The app lets you assign tasks to specific subjects and classes and sends you handy reminders that will help you keep your studies on track and your work load well within schedule.

Get it here: Android, and iOS.


Chalkboard is an easy to use school timetable and homework app which works offline to help you keep your schedule on track.

All you have to do is set up your schedule and input your goals and homework assignments. The app will mute your phone during class, allow you to add homework as you receive it, remind you to do your homework and manage your classes, even if they change.

Get it here: Android

Study Aid Apps:

Tiny Cards

If you need help memorizing your work, try tiny cards. Tiny cards is a flashcard app that will help you memorize information as you shuffle through your study cards.

You can set up your own stacks, or use any of the thousands of illustrated topics that have already been created for various subjects.

Get it here: Android, and iOS.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

Similar to Tiny Cards is AnkiDroid Flashcards. This app will help you memorize anything. You can create your own decks or choose one of their 6000 pre-made decks which cover topics from school subjects to learning new languages.

It supports text-to-speech integration, images, and sounds. AnkiDroid will also give you detailed stats on your progress.

Get it here: Android


So, before you start to panic over your up-coming exams and end-of-year projects – go and check out the apps on our list and see which ones will help you to reach your study goals.





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