What’s wrong with my Wifi extender’s signal?

This is a pretty common question we receive on the support floor here at Webafrica.

You’ve got a big space, so you bought a Wifi extender, but now, your device is struggling to connect even when you’re standing next to the flippen’ thing.

The answer is your device’s connection settings. For the most part, your phone, laptop, TV (whatever) will connect to the last known device it was connected to. So, even though the extender is there, it won’t connect via that signal. This may sound crazy when your extender’s signal is so much stronger than the router’s own signal – but as long as there is a hint of that better “known” network around, your device is going to try and connect to it.

How do you fix the Wifi extender signal?

You don’t. Because, usually, there is nothing wrong with the extender. What you need to do is make sure your device connects to the correct signal.

There are some high-priced handover systems you can purchase, and some android apps you can try – but it’s not actually necessary. All you need to do is open your device’s Wifi settings and select the signal via which you want to connect.

To make this task simpler, make sure you give your router Wifi and extender Wifi different names! That way you will always know which connection you’re using.

Eventually your device should recognise the extender as a “best known” signal and connect to it automatically.

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