For the first time ever Webafrica is offering UNCAPPED Telkom Fixed LTE.

Webafrica recently launched a bouquet of Capped Telkom Fixed LTE products on a month-to-month basis. The packages have been hugely popular and we are already supplying a large customer base with Fixed LTE on the Telkom network. The one thing which customers were still asking of us, was the option to get their LTE UNCAPPED.

Which is why we are excited to announce that Webafrica now offers  UNCAPPED Telkom FIXED LTE.

The package will come in at R899 per month, and includes a free-to-use, fully insured router.

What you can expect from Uncapped Telkom Fixed LTE

The Telkom Uncapped packages do carry a FUP (Fair Usage Policy), but with the first FUP tier set at 150GB in a month, we think our customers will be happy with it.

Customers on Telkom Uncapped Fixed LTE packages will have 150GB in a month to use at 10Mbps. Thereafter you will have 50GB to use at 4Mbps, and if you manage to deplete that as well, you will still be able to use the internet, uncapped, for the remainder of the month, at 2Mbps.

So the Telkom Uncapped  FUP thresholds look like this:

  • 10Mbps: 0GB →150GB
  • 4Mbps: 150GB → 200GB
  • 2Mbps: 200GB+ (to month-end)

To give an indication of what this means for customers, consider that most of our current LTE customers use an average of around 110GB per month. We, therefore, anticipate that very few customers will ever experience a FUPPED Fixed LTE speed on the Telkom Fixed LTE uncapped packages. If they do, it will only be until month-end when their account will reset and they will be back within the first 150GB once more.

All of the usual advantages of Fixed LTE apply to our Telkom Uncapped LTE customers:

  • No Contracts
  • Free-to-use, Fully Insured Router included
  • The Service Moves when you do
  • No Landline required
  • Up to 10Mbps Speeds (on Uncapped – Capped packages have higher speeds)

Best of all – Telkom’s ever expanding Fixed LTE network means you’ll find unlimited, uncapped, fast internet, where you least expect it.

Visit our FIXED LTE PAGE to see all of our available packages.

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

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