Introducing Webafrica LTE at Home. Flying-fast internet in a SIM!


We’re excited to announce that Webafrica LTE at Home is FINALLY here!


The wireless broadband Internet service provides blistering download and upload speeds for users whether at home, in the office, on the move, or anywhere LTE-A is available.


Why Choose LTE-A?


Besides it being unbelievably fast. LTE-A is around 3 times faster than your traditional ADSL connection! Along with the vastly different upload/download speeds, so too is the latency. The reduced latency ensures that your browsing experience is seamless and more responsive, your connection is a lot more stable and reliable, and most importantly, guarantees that your speed is not influenced by others sharing the same connection.


Moving home? Not a problem. Your LTE device doesn’t require a telephone line and can be moved anywhere within the confines of LTE-A covered areas. A truly plug and play solution so you can say goodbye to your landline service provider in more ways than one!


What Does It Cost?


Webafrica offers competitive LTE pricing options, with packages starting from as little as R549 per month. With a once-off fee of R1 799 which includes router, SIM card and delivery, our LTE network provides the ideal wireless and mobile Internet solution.

Check our map to see if you fall within an LTE area.


We have managed to secure the last 300 LTE premium grade routers in the country for phase 1 of our LTE at Home launch. That means the first 300 customers to sign up and pay their router invoice will be active within 48 hours.


Ready to go wireless? Of course, you are! To sign up call us on 086 000 9500 or email and we will call you back.